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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: Intrapreneurship, Networking Plan, and Grit

PHARMACY STRATEGY: Pharmacy Intrapreneurship

Are you an Intrapreneur? AKA “Internal Entrepreneur”, “Entrepreneur On the Job”, “Corporate Entrepreneur”

Let's discuss the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and why organizations MUST support intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneur: An employee of a large corporation who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc., and does not have to follow the corporation's usual routines or protocols.

Intrapreneurship: The system wherein the principles of entrepreneurship are practiced within the firm's boundaries.

Many employees will leave organizations where they don't feel they can have an impact.  The bottom line is that organizations must support Intrapreneurship to thrive and retain employees with entrepreneurial spirits. 

I have been fortunate to be supported in my entrepreneurship journey from focused initiatives with a pharma company to supportive managers. 

Have you been able to be an intrapreneur?


An important part of your continuous professional development (CPD) is networking.  

Being strategic about your networking with a plan will make you more successful.

Here is a quick summary of the 5 Ws of a networking plan. 

  • Why: Help you achieve your professional goals
  • Who: Personal and Professional contact
  • What: Share during your networking calls to create a Win- Win and add value to the other
  • Where / When:  Groups, Social Media (LinkedIn focus), 1:1
    • Plan one lunch per week, spend two hours per week making phone calls and staying in touch with friends by email.
    • Attend one organization meeting per month.
  • How:  Create a tracker of your current and planned connections.  I recommend starting with an excel table. Note your direct connections and bridges (facilitator). 

Reply to me if you want a copy of a networking plan template.   

FUN & JOY: Grit

Do you have grit? Do you think it is something you can learn or master? How can grit help you manage in a crisis?

Let's explore the topic of grit and how you can learn and master it to help you and your teams.

Grit combines passion (deep, enduring knowledge of what you want) and perseverance (hard work and resilience).

It's about moving in a direction with consistency and endurance, like having a clear inner compass that guides all your decisions and actions.

Grit is an intrapersonal virtue (e.g., self-control) that affects how you manage yourself, and grit is part of this category.

Research suggests there are four components behind grit. Each of these components can be developed by yourself (from inside out) or with external help (from outside in).

  • Interest: loving what you do
  • Practice: focusing on improvement no matter what
  • Purpose: Believing firmly that your work matters to you and others. 
  • Hope: believing that you can work things out and overcome your challenges. 

How can you support your staff to develop grit - 

  • Parenting/Nurturing
  • Training Ground
  • Culture of Grit 


  1. I am here to support you in your journey to advance pharmacy and accelerate your joyful engaging career.  Schedule time for us to connect.   

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