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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: Impact Practice, Pharmovation Competencies, Defeat Burnout


Most of us want to positively impact practice in our profession (and have joy while doing it).

There are many ways to go about doing this.

My focus is to advance pharmacy practice through strategy and innovation.

How do you want to impact practice....

  • Help more patients
  • Improve safety
  • Increase the use of technology

So how do you want to leave your mark to impact practice? 

CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Pharmovation Competencies

The For Your Improvement (FYI) Leadership Competencies are a great tool to use in your professional development assessment and planning. The book and resources provide a wealth of information to help you identify important competencies and then how to improve. 

The top 4 leadership competencies for pharmacy strategy and innovation (Pharmovation) are:

  • Cultivate Innovation
  • Strategic Mindset
  • Financial Acumen 
  • Persuades 

Do you agree with this list or would you add or take away a competency?

FUN & JOY: Defeat Burnout

There are many risk factors and intervention strategies for the epidemic of burnout. 

Mindset is even more critical due to this epidemic 

Remeber that Not All Stress is Bad

  • Sustained levels of stress are not good for our health 
  • How stress is perceived is just as important as the amount
  • Specifically, individuals who both perceived that stress affects their health and who also reported a large amount of stress had a 43% increased risk of premature death

How we approach these stressful periods and situations is an important part of how we get to thrive and prevent burnout. 

JOY & CONNECTION is a core goal of my membership program - The CONNECTORx Leadership Circle.

In addition to defeating burnout through mindset and other techniques, I often look to remove the overwhelm by adding the resources you need. 


I am here to support you in your journey to advance pharmacy and accelerate your joyful engaging career.  Schedule time for us to connect.   

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