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Connection & Career Development

Have you ever experienced a lack of connection....

  • Have you wanted to create a more robust professional development and personal growth plan or help others to do so?
  • Have you experienced a lack balance in the areas of your life (self, family/friends, career, community)?
  • Have you worked for a company where there is lack of alignment connecting the dots from mission to execution?
  • Have you seen a waste of resources where available efficiency and productivity tools are not used?
  • Have you been asked to do more with less?

I have too!  I have seen how the lack of connections and use of key leadership and productivity tools has prevented individuals, departments, companies, and community organizations from executing on their missions.  It has become my mission to connect the dots, create connections, and develop connectors.  You CAN be a connector and address these concerns and achieve high levels of success.  

Career Coach Passion

I want to help you! I am a pharmacist and leader with a passion for helping others succeed. I serve as a coach, consultant, leader, and trainer to help people grow as connectors so they can excel in all areas of life - self, family/friends, career, and community.

My vision is Connectors will Change the World.

I am passionate about spending time on the right things to develop others and deliver strategic, focused results. The strengths I use to exceed my goals and help others are achiever, relator, learner, and focus


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A connector is an expert at connecting and uniting people, knowledge, and resources and their success stems from bringing a level of energy and clarity for themselves and others.

I am a Connector and Pharmovator!

As a Connector, I serve to help people through coaching, consulting, and training  in Career Development, Personal Development, Strategic Execution, and Productivity Improvement. 

As a Pharmovator, I serve to advance innovative pharmacy leadership to expand roles and resources to solve medication use challenges, and provide engaging careers for  pharmacists and technicians.  


My diverse background includes patient care as a clinical pharmacist and leadership roles in healthcare, healthsystems,  life science industry, and academia. I have held many volunteer leadership roles in local, regional, and national professional organizations, and community organizations.  I have also had the opportunity to mentor and coach people across diverse industry sectors including technology, manufacturing, and entrepreneurs.

Responsibilities where I have excelled and achieved outstanding results for my companies and organizations include:  leadership, management, strategic planning, quality improvement, project management, education & training, HR management, professional development, knowledge management, research, budget management, customer engagement,  technology and productivity optimization and information systems.

The • Connector • Life • Blog

A blog of insights for connectors who are experts at connecting and uniting people, knowledge, and resources and their success stems from bringing a level of energy and clarity for themselves and others.

Topics include career development, personal development, strategic execution, and productivity improvement. 



Connector Coaching TM 

Get a recurring source of career development, personal development. Want one on one time to go deeper? 1:1 Connector coaching sessions to set you on the path to excellence as a connector. Get with clear direction and confidence for any stage of your career:

  - Career Start

  - Career Transitions

  - Career Advancement



Pharmacy + Innovation = Pharmovation 

Do you want more as a pharmacist - help more patients and have a bigger career? Pharmacists are the answer to the triple aim to improve quality, patient experience, and control costs through optimal medication use. Learn how to be successful in your career and justify additional resources and roles. Be Bold and Accountable - Pharmacy Can Do More with MoreTM!  Become a PharmovatorTM  today!


Connector Circle TM

Membership in the Connector Circle provides access to monthly webinars and valuable resources to help you excel as a connector. Get a recurring source of career development, personal development, strategic execution, & productivity optimization.


Connector Academy®

Advanced 12 week training program to grow as a Connector and lead yourself and others to excel  in a unified Connector Framework TM that includes Connectorability TM, Connector Alignment TM, Connector Foundation TM, and Connector LIFE TM.


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