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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: ASHP MCM, Discover Your Strengths, and Connector Life - Self


Well you know I just love going to conferences. 

I just returned from the ASHP Mid Year Clinical Meeting (MCM) in Anaheim and it was amazing!

I was hanging with 20,000 of my pharmacy phamily. 

Yes, this is a big meeting and I know some people do not like going to it, but this is what I realized. 

While it can feel overwhelming and you can tire yourself out, it is up to you how you spend your time. 

And if I did not attend, I would have missed so many wonderful connections, knowledge insights and innovative pearls. 

I also made sure I prioritized my "health" (which is my word of the year and I need to finish strong) by not stayin up to late, working out, and avoiding alcohol. 

Now on to the learnings - 

Conference Theme: Imagine the Possibilities

My Sessions:  I had the pleasure of presenting and facilitating a roundtable at this meeting. 

  • Practice Enhancing Interventions About the Medication-Use Process in Ambulatory Care from 2022: Gems from AJHP
  • Roundtable - Ambulatory Care Billing:  Using 340B Funds to Expand Ambulatory Services, State Provider Status, Telehealth 

Session Highlights:

  • ASHP Forecast 2024 - Always a favorite - I will fill you in more next week on the details 
  • Donald Franke Medal  - International Pharmacy Session: "Translational Research and Implementation Science; Accelerating the Imperative" - Vincent Idemyor, PharmD
  • ISMP Annual Cheers Awards - I hate to admit that this was my first time attending and I will become a regular. They are renaming the award after Mike Cohen which is well deserving.  
  • Ambulatory Expansion
  • Workforce & Resilience

What conferences are you planning to attend in 2024?  I hope to see you at one or more.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Discover Your Strengths

What are your strengths?  Discovering your strengths is an important part of your personal and professional development self-assessment.

Invented by Don Clifton, the CliftonStrengths assessment uncovers your unique rank order of 34 CliftonStrengths themes.

"Your CliftonStrengths themes are your talent DNA. They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave."

Their research shows that people who know and use their Clifton Strengths are:

 • more engaged at work

 • more productive in their roles

 • happier and healthier

I personally like to say that we can turn a strength into a super power if we prioritize developing our strength.

My strengths are Winning Others Over, Achiever, Learner, Relator, and Focus

So what are your yours?  Check them out here if you have not completed your own assessment - Discover Your Strengths Self Assessment

FUN & JOY: Connector Life - Self

 CONNECTOR LIFE™ - Balanced excellence in all areas of life - self, family/friends, career, and community 

The goal is to:

  • Assess and plan the areas of your life
  • Prioritize and spend time on the right things

I put Self at the top of the visual to help us remember that we need to fill our own cup before we fill others. 

This year my Self Goals included many items related to Health/Self Care, Balance (making time for all areas), Financial Short Term & Long Term. 

What are you doing to prioritize yourself?

Do you want a Connector Life?  Rate yourself and make a plan. Download the CONNECTOR LIFE SCORE.  


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