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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: Pharmacy Enterprise, Languages of Appreciation, Dinner Games

PHARMACY STRATEGY: Pharmacy Enterprise 

The term pharmacy enterprise encompasses the concept that pharmacy was much bigger and more important to the success of our health systems than the term pharmacy department implies.

Does your health system look at the pharmacy department as merely a cost center?  This has historically been the case, but should definitely be expanded.

While there is increasing use of the term pharmacy enterprise, it is a more recent addition to the pharmacy lexicon beginning in 2006.

Recently, Vizient Pharmacy Network leaders compiled a report with consensus statements and recommendations called the "High-Value Pharmacy Enterprise Project (HVPE)"

The full report, a combination of literature review, consensus statements and performance recommendations, addresses clinical services and business services such as cost management, revenue integrity and business growth as well as makes technology recommendations.

This has been a great addition to the literature on this subject and I include this as part of a health system annual strategic plan situational analysis.  Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of the CONNECTORx LIFE podcast where I will dive deeper into the HVPE. 

  •    READ MORE:  Check out this blog post/podcast episode to explore more on the history and scope of the Pharmacy Enterprise.   

CAREER DEVELOPMENT:  Languages of Appreciation

   Demonstrating appreciation at work is critical to employee engagement and in these stressful times even more important. 

        "Appreciation is communicating a sense of value for the work done and the character of the person"

But do we know how to show appreciation to others, and do we even know how we prefer to be appreciated.  

This came up recently when I was talking with some managers who asked their employees how they want to be appreciated -  they were met with general responses of "just tell me I did a good job".  

I found a better way to have this conversation based on the Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.  

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote Love languages and then transitioned this learning and worked with Dr. Paul White to write the 5 Languages o Appreciation in the Workplace. 

They performed research and identified primary, secondary and least meaningful languages of appreciation.  Here they are...

Five Languages of Appreciation:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Quality Time
  4. Tangible Gifts
  5. Physical Touch 

In addition to their book, they offer a self-assessment and team survey called the Motivating by Appreciation (MBA) Inventory to find out your language of appreciation.   

FUN & JOY:   Dinner Games

A few years ago, I was looking for ways to increase connection within our family.  I came across dinner games.

The pandemic increases the likelihood that we were together for dinner which made for a great opportunity. 

We use games such as Table Topics which are conversation starter cards and Family Fun Time Dinner Games which creates fun activities you can do at the table. 

 We just completed the holiday series for Table Topics which had a set for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. 

 Do you play any dinner games?  



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