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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: PAI-2030, Q2 Planning and Connector Life - Community



One of my go-to tools for strategic planning is the ASHP Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) 2030.
PAI began in 2010 to drive pharmacy practice changes at a local level. Building on this foundation, PAI2030 includes recommendations to ensure that the pharmacy profession meets the demands of future practice and patient care delivery models. 

  • 59 recommendations on providing optimal, safe, and effective medication use
  • Aspirational guidance serving as a roadmap to pharmacy practice advancement
  • Future-focused set of concepts looking beyond today’s barriers to change

The five focused initiatives represent each of the five PAI 2030 domains:

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Pharmacist Role, Education, and Training
  • Technology and Data Science
  • Pharmacy Technician Role, Education, and Training
  • Leadership in Medication Use and Safety

The best way to use PAI 2030 as part of your strategic planning is to have your team read it and then complete the self assessment.

This will help you prioritize areas of opportunity. 

Have you completed the self-assessment?  Have you used it in your strategic planning?  Consider including a pharmacy student or resident in your assessment.


Do you find you are always putting out fires?  Working in a rush? You might be working in Quadrant 1 when you should be in 2. 

Today we will cover the personal development topic of time management. Specifically Q2 planning.  


The Q2 (Quandrant not Quarter) from the matrix below is where we should be working for extraordinary productivity on important tasks that are not urgent. 

Emergency meetings 
Last-minute deadlines 
Pressing problems 
Unforeseen events 
Needless interruptions 
Unnecessary reports 
Irrelevant meetings 
Other people's minor issues 
Unimportant email, tasks, phone 
calls, status posts, etc. 
Proactive work 
High-impact goals 
Creative thinking 
Relationship building 
Learning and renewal 
Trivial work 
Avoidance activities 
Excessive relaxation, television, 
gaming, Internet 

                       - Franklin Covey Five Choices


The Franklin Covey methods builds upon the quadrant to bring it to your daily and weekly planning with doing these tasks. 

Weekly Q2 Planning - Take 30 mins

  1.  Connect with your roles and goals
  2.  Schedule the big rocks  (literally put them in your calendar)
  3.  Organize the rest  - Schedule or  Task list with due date during the week

Daily Q2 Planning - Take 10 mins

  1. Close Out the Day

           a. Review tasks and appointments

           b. Capture the gold

2. Identify the Few ‘Must Dos’

  3. Organize the Rest

 Capture the Gold:

 Review the day and ask...

  •  What did I learn today?
  •  What decisions were made?
  •  What key information did I receive?
  •  What key people did I interact with?
  •  What actions need to be taken?

 Highlight these things in your notes or record them for later use.

Take action now - Add Q2 planning to your calendars!  Reply if there is another system you like to use.

FUN & JOY: Connector Life - Community

 - Balanced excellence in all areas of life - self, family/friends, career, and community 

The goal is to:

  • Assess and plan the areas of your life
  • Prioritize and spend time on the right things 


This week our focus is on Community.  Supporting your community through volunteering and local and professional organizations is beneficial for you and society.

How is your life balance in the area of Community?  Are you actively volunteering?  
Let's explore the benefits and how of community volunteer work. 


  • live longer and are healthier
  • establishes strong relationships
  • good for your career
  • good for society
  • sense of purpose

Despite the benefits of volunteering, rates and hours are on the decline

"From September 2020 to 2021, less than 25% of Americans age 16 and older volunteered for an organization or association, according to the survey. That’s down from 30 percent in 2019 and from 27.6 percent 20 years earlier" - Americorp


Reflect on your past volunteer activities. To find the right opportunity for you - this is a great opportunity to tie your passions and values.

My personal goals for volunteering include church, multiuse trail organization (for biking/rollerblading), and pharmacy organizations. 

What are you doing to prioritize your Community?

Do you want a Connector Life?  Rate yourself and make a plan. Download the CONNECTOR LIFE SCORE.  



I am here to support you in your journey to advance pharmacy and accelerate your joyful engaging career.  Schedule time for us to connect 

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