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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: Infusion Strategy, Casserole Disease, and Connector Life

PHARMACY STRATEGY: Infusion Strategy

I just returned from the ASHP Summer Meeting in Baltimore and this is still one of my favorite meetings.

A hot topic was site of care restrictions and patient access to infusions. 

There are challenges with the various methods of providing patient medications from alternate locations known as white bagging and brown bagging as methods and we will cover this topic in a future newsletter. 

The key recommendation that came out is for the health system enterprise to provide infusion access via multiple sites of care to support patient continuity. 

This includes:

  • Hospital Outpatient Department Infusion Centers
  • Freestanding or Physician Practice Infusion Center
  • Home Infusion 
  • Specialty Pharmacy

What is your infusion strategy to support patient access?

CAREER DEVELOPMENT:  Casserole Disease

At the same ASHP conference I was moved by the keynote session with Dr. Leana Wen. 

She shared a story of a mom who lost her son to drug addiction and said she hoped that one day she hoped that would become a "casserole disease".

While this mom did not create this term, she experienced it firsthand. 

While I have learned this term is talked about in the world of mental health diseases. 

This was new to me and I wanted to share it with you.  

So it goes that when someone dies, friends and family often bring casseroles to your home to support the morning period.  

But this mom shared that no one brought her a casserole after her son passed.  

Well I cried.  I have experienced this in my family and there is definitely stigma around mental health diseases.  

Let's practice empathy and support all patients and families suffering. 

Have you heard this term before?  Do you think we are moving to make mental illness a casserole disease?



FUN & JOY:  Connector Life

Have you experienced a lack balance in the areas of your life?  You CAN have it all.  My philosophy is to have as much work-life integration/connection as possible which is why I show the areas of life as a Venn diagram.

CONNECTOR LIFE™ balanced excellence in all areas of life - self, family/friends, career, and community

Do you want a Connector Life?  Rate yourself and make a plan. Download the CONNECTOR LIFE SCORE.  



I am here to support you in your journey to advance pharmacy and accelerate your joyful engaging career.  Schedule time for us to connect 

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