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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: APHA Highlights, Invest in Yourself, and Outsourcing Fun


RISE - This was the theme of the APHA 2023 meeting and the energy was palpable.  

As I have mentioned, I LOVE conferences (you should get to at least one this year).  The networking was of course amazing and you can find photos in LinkedIn of the wonderful connections I made with past Phriends and new ones.  

In this newsletter I wanted to highlight my favorite sessions. 

  • Digital Health.RX: This in the 3rd year (and my 3rd time) attending this pre-conference summit. So many highlights of this day but I was most excited about the practical discussions of integrating technology into patient care and providing healthcare.  

  • Emerging Trends in Health System Pharmacy: This was an engaging session covering hot topics like sites of care, emerging technologies, and workforce empowerent through leadership training. 

  • Add it To The Tab - Payment for Pharmacy Services:  Great insights on ambulatory pharmacy services from Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), to state Medicaid Per Member Per Month (PMPM) billing. 

  • Exhibit Hall : As a faculty member and advisory board member, I supported the booth for the University of Cincinnati Master of Science in Pharmacy Leadership program at the Federal Forum and main hall.  I always love doing this and talking with people about their career goals and development plans. 

  • Women in Pharmacy Networking Event: Easily my favorite event that combined the fun of networking with an inspriational talk by one of my mentors Lucinda Maine.  Her message is summarized in the phrase BELIEVE. 

      B - Be your authentic self (integrity)

      E - Engage actively in the profession 

      L - Listen more than you speak; hear cues and act on them

      I - Ikigai - Knowing your life purpose

      E - Expand your network continuously

      V - Value relationships, nurture them

      E - Empower others by encouraging their development

What conference(s) are in your development plans this year?  I am heading to the Ohio Pharmacists Association this week and then the next entrepreneurial focused conferences I am attending are listed at the bottom of this email.


CAREER DEVELOPMENT:  Invest in Yourself

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you."

- Robin S. Sharma

Think of yourself as a bank where you make investments and withdrawals.  You have different accounts for the parts of your life - career, self, family/friends, community.

You will earn "interest" on these development investments through future opportunities.

For your career, you will make the investments in your competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities).

Use different learning methods:

  1.  Structured Learning - Formal Training - Education
  2.  Learning from Others - Coaching/Exposure
  3.  Learning from Experience - Learning by Doing 

Continue to invest in yourself through your mindset, self-care, and your relationship bank.

LEARN MORE:  A tool to document your investment plan in yourself is a continuous professional development plan.  If you don't have one or need to update it - join our upcoming bootcamp on 4/22.

Make your dream future a reality! The investment in yourself is always worth it.  


FUN & JOY:  Outsourcing Fun

I often talk about practicing at the top of our license and working at the top of our abilities. 

I found a recent opportunity that made me feel - well - actually like a super mom.

Due to our vacation the week leading into the Easter Holiday, my kids were going to miss the town and church Easter Egg hunts this year.

 And I did not have time to pull my own together. That is, until my hairdresser shared that you can "outsource that".

Yes, in fact it is a thing  "Egg My Yard".  I went to my town Facebook group page and found a women offering this service and for less than $50 she brought toy and candy filled eggs to my house and hid them around my yard.  When we got home on Sunday from our red eye flight (and after sleeping a few hours) - my kids were so excited to go on the hunt and our dog even found one. 

Finding this person took so much pressure off of me and allowed me to provide a delightful experience. 

Let me know what you think about this?



I am here to support you in your journey to advance pharmacy and accelerate your joyful engaging career.  Schedule time for us to connect 

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