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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: Float Pools, Annual Plan, Family Word of the Year


I was reminded recently of the challenges that pharmacy departments face in ensuring they have enough staff.

Why does it feel like we can't catch up? 

I wrote about this in an article in Drug Topics "Workforce Challenges for Health System Pharmacy".

While our workloads seem to be ever increasing, one of the reasons we are behind include coverage for often overlooked and unsupported areas of staffing. 

Here are the key staffing needs that need to be resourced in addition to the general staffing needs. 

  • Replacement Factor / Paid Time Off Coverage
  • Vacancy-Turnover
  • FMLA Coverage
  • Training Days 
  • Continuing Education / Professional Development

One way we can address this labor need is the creation of float pools that are funded based on the needs listed above.  Ideally, we need to include full time equivalent positions in these float pools rather than just relying on per diem resources. 

Do you have a float pool?  Is your float pool large enough for all these needs?   


       Now is the time.  

We are into the new year - Did you make a plan?  

If not, now is time to regroup, reflect and plan for your greatest year ever.  Having a plan is more effective than stating resolutions. 

I strive to lead an intentional life and I treat my year like a strategic plan that I need to execute on - much like the strategic plans I write for organizations. 

Five Steps to Prepare and Execute Your Annual Plan:

  • Goal Brainstorming
  • Confirm Priority Goals
  • Write Smart Objectives
  • Write Action Steps
  • Schedule & Execute Plan 

Read more at Annual Plan • Map Your Year | Career Development • The Connector Life

Please share your top goals with me. For a jump start - join me on Saturday for the Map Your Year Bootcamp: How to Dream Big and Achieve Your Goals so that You Reach Your Destiny  

FUN & JOY:   Family Word of the Year

Part of my annual planning to map my year includes choosing a word of the year.  I choose a word that will inspire me and encompasses my top goals. 

My word for 2023 is "Health".  I am using this word with a bit of a play on words.  It reflects my focus on my personal health, the health of my relationships, the health of my business, and my goals to advance pharmacy to support patient health. 

While I am glad to share this with you as part of my accountability plan, the fun thing I really wanted to share is related to your family. 

One of the CONNECTORxs in my membership program shared with us this week that she chooses a word of the year for the family.  I LOVE this idea and will be getting my family together this week to choose our word of the year. 

So, do you or your family have a word of the year?  



I am here to support you in your journey to advance pharmacy and accelerate your joyful engaging career.  Schedule time for us to connect 

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