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CONNECTORx CORNERx Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter: System Business Plans, Reflection, Reward Yourself 

PHARMACY STRATEGY:   System Business Plans

The easiest business plans that I have seen approved are the ones that I did not write.  

What I mean is that adding pharmacy resources to a larger organization plan is one of the best ways to expand pharmacy practice and add resources. 

For example, if your organization is building a new cancer center, add your resources (including needed capital and technology), or if your intensive care unit is expanding - include your clinical and operations resources to support the expansion.  

Pharmovator Tip - Be at the table.  Make sure you are well informed of organizational strategy and can be in at the ground floor to share the value of pharmacy in the new endeavor and to include your needed resources in the business plan. 


Self-reflection is part of my routine and annually I conduct a "Year in Review" which you can read more about here. Reflection Year in Review | Career Development • The Connector Life (

This year I had the opportunity to ask myself some new questions in reflection, thanks to my friend and mentor, Michelle Fritsch as part of her Medipreneurs Membership. 

I wanted to share this additional way for you to reflect on the year as the end of the year approaches.  

1. Reflect on the highlights of each quarter of the year (good and bad)

2. What stories can you share?

3. What discoveries did you make?

4. What did you do for self care?

5. What epiphanies did you have?

6. What goals were achieved?

7. How is the world a better place because of you?

8. How are you a better person?

I am not sure if it was the newness of these questions, or the feelings they stirred, but I was very inspired.  This reflection was so much fun and I hope you take part and enjoy.  

Please share what you think with me.

FUN & JOY:   Reward Yourself

Well, an important part of achievement is to reward and recognize.  This often gets overlooked as we are on to the next thing.

My coach recommends rewards even for small wins.  Consider experiences or purchases - You deserve it. 

One of my regular rewards is getting manicures and pedicures. While I can do this myself (yes, actually I took classes and it was one of my first entrepreneurial ventures), there is nothing like being pampered.  Of late, I have been taking one of my kids with me as a connection experience with them.  

My biggest reward to date was putting in our inground pool.  This has been a long desire of mine and a reward I justified not just for me but for the benefits to our entire family.  While it took more than 3 years to put in due to pandemic delays, we got to experience it just before the summer ended this year.  Well worth it!

So, what do you do to reward yourself?  



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