CONNECTORx CORNERx: 001 - 2022-12-13

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CONNECTORx CORNERx: International Pharmacy Practice, Career Portfolio, Gift Experiences

Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the CONNECTORx CORNERx: Pharmacy Strategy & Career Development Newsletter.  

I will be sharing insights, tips, and resources for you on your pharmacy career journey.  In each newsletter I will cover topics of pharmacy strategy, career development, and fun & joy. 

PHARMACY STRATEGY:   International Pharmacy Practice

My favorite session at the ASHP Mid Year Clinical Meeting was the "Journey to Excellence: Providing Safe, High-Quality, and Innovative Pharmacy Services in International Practice Settings (featuring the Donald E. Francke Medal Lecture)".  This may be the first time I was able to attend this session in a long time due to prior recruiting conflicts. 

This session was a great sampling of what you can learn from the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).  In some cases, the US is ahead and in others we can definitely learn from practice around the world. 

A Few Key Insights:

Ireland - They expanded their pediatric services from the prior 2 hospital focus in one region to all regions.

Saudi Arabia - Currently do not have enough pharmacists and have been supporting ex-patriates.  They have created advanced training and practice plans and plans to have enough pharmacists from within the country in 5 years. 

Perhaps we should add FIP 2023 in Australia to our 2023 Conference plan list!

CAREER DEVELOPMENT:   Career Portfolio

Do you have a career portfolio and are you updating it?  It is a worthwhile part of your career development.

  • What Is It?

Personalized collection of materials that is designed to document professional experiences, evaluations, reflections, and accomplishments

Can help document what you learned in the process

“Resume gets you the interview and the portfolio gets you the job.”

Master Portfolio – Keep all references vs Target Portfolio – more focused to the job application purpose with specific examples

  • Benefits

Share with Prospective Employer

Job Interview Personal Prep

Reflect on Your Success

  • Format

Notebook, Slides, Online

There are not required or standard sections like we have in our CVs, but you may consider including professional goals, work samples by skill areas, community service, professional membership activities, performance review highlights, and self-assessment tools.

FUN & JOY:   Gift Experiences

Giving a gift of an experience is my favorite type of gift.  Maybe you can relate and have planned your own experiences.  Here are a few I planned this month.  

For my son's 12th birthday this weekend, my family went to our local NFL team's game - the Bengals.  I was unfortunately sick with COVID and had to quarantine, but they had an amazing time, and we are planning another game before the season ends (hopefully at the Superbowl)   For Christmas, we have bought our family (17 of us) tickets to see the Rockettes and have dinner in Manhattan when we visit later this month. 




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