Dots 031: Cultivate Innovation

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Do you believe you can cultivate innovation? How we create new and better ways for our organization to be successful. I think this year has taught us all we can be more innovative when pushed to think differently.

Today during Pharmovation Friday we will explore the what and how of cultivating innovation as this is a priority competency for pharmovation.

Welcome to CONNECTOR DOTS - brief, candid insights on healthcare, pharmacy, and life for connectors and pharmovators.

I am your host Kimber Boothe and I am a Strategic Pharmacy Coach and Consultant. I am a pharmacist, healthcare leader and entrepreneur. I help pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance pharmacy practice and have joyful engaging careers.

Key Points
I love using the Korn Ferry FYI - For Your Improvement resources to support your professional development self assessment and action plan.

• Skilled
• Comes up with useful ideas that are new, better, or unique.
• Introduces new ways of looking at problems.
• Can take a creative idea and put it into practice.
• Encourages diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation.
• Less skilled
• Stays within comfort zone rather than experimenting with new ways of looking at things.
• Presents ideas that are ordinary, conventional, and from the past.
• Tends to be critical of others’ original ideas.
• Has a style that discourages the creative initiatives of others.
• Talented
• Moves beyond traditional ways of doing things; pushes past the status quo.
• Continually assesses the market potential of an innovative idea or solution.
• Finds and champions the best creative ideas and actively moves them into implementation.
• Tries multiple, varied approaches to innovative ideas.
• Builds excitement in others to explore creative options.
• Possible Causes of Lower Skill
• Cautious; risk averse.
• Not open to new ideas.
• Narrow perspective.
• Lacks knowledge about process.
• Doesn’t value innovation.
• 1. Wonder what role you can play? Innovation takes a village
• 2. Desire to enhance group creativity? Diversify
• 3. Don’t perceive yourself to be creative? Remove the restraints
• 4. Lack a climate conducive to innovation? Take the lead

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