Dots 029: Gratitude Habits

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 CONNECTOR DOTS - Gratitude Habits - Mindset Monday

Do you believe a life well lived is one of gratitude and thankfulness? I do but I often do not stop and smell the roses to appreciate it.
Today during Mindset Monday we will explore some habits to bring more gratitude into your daily life.
Welcome to CONNECTOR DOTS - brief, candid insights on healthcare, pharmacy, and life for connectors and pharmovators.
Key Points
1. Don’t be picky: appreciate everything
2. Find gratitude in your challenges
3. Practice mindfulness
4. Keep a gratitude journal
5. Volunteer
6. Express yourself
7. Spend time with loved ones
8. Improve your happiness in other areas of your life
Taking care of the Self quadrant of your connector life is critical.
To help you on your journey, I have created the digital Connector Journal that will be available through the Rise Challenge and annual planning workshops I will be hosting in the next month. Sign up at to receive updates.
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