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CONNECTOR DOTS - Growth Mindset - Mindset Monday

Do you believe you can change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? Have you seen people who don’t have the right attitude? They complain and bring others down or are negative. They make excuses for not accomplishing their goals and easily give up. It is natural to have these feelings some times, but if it becomes your overall mindset, it can be trouble.
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Today during Mindset Monday we will the differences between a fixed and growth mindset.
I am your host Kimber Boothe and I am a Strategic Pharmacy Coach and Consultant. I am a pharmacist, healthcare leader and entrepreneur. I help pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance pharmacy practice and have joyful engaging careers.
Key Points
The definition of Mindset = A habitual or characteristic mental state that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.
Why is Mastering Mindset Important?
You have probably heard the term Attitude is everything. Mastering your mindset is critical to your success and joy in life.
Whether you think you can or you think you can't. You are right.
- Henry Ford
The great news is you can change your attitude and mindset. You don't need special skills or a charismatic personality to decide to think differently.
In this day of stress and burnout, mindset is even more critical. How we approach these stressful periods and situations is an important part of how we thrive and prevent burnout. Potential actions to avoid burnout can include resilience, grit and mindset.
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement prepared the Framework for Improving Joy in Work. This is a new approach to look at the challenge of burnout by flipping the focus on the positive aspects of work. Adopting positive attitudes was identified as important to wellness and resilience.
Mindset Characteristics
One of the best books on this topic is: Carol Dweck's Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success She says "Mindset reveals how great parents, teachers, managers, and athletes can put this idea to use to foster outstanding accomplishment."
Fixed vs Growth Mindset Comparison:
Fixed Mindset - Believe their abilities are fixed,.Intelligence is static.
Growth Mindset - Believe their abilities can be developed. Intelligence can be developed.
Can you see the difference? Do you see this in your home life or work - perhaps how your children approach challenges or how your team members receive criticism? I try to support a growth mindset in my children and with my work teams but I know I can do better with some focused attention.
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