Dots 019: Pharmacy Technicians Career

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CONNECTOR DOTS - Pharmacy Technician Career

Happy #RxTechDay! I am sending a huge shout-out to the pharmacy technicians on our teams. Thanks for all your hard work and contribution to patient care.

Welcome to CONNECTOR DOTS - brief, candid insights on healthcare, pharmacy and life for connectors and pharmovators.
Today we will celebrate technicians and their role in expanding the reach of the pharmacy enterprise.
Key Points
- ASHP PAI 2030 provides strong recommendations for Pharmacy Technician Role, Education & Training.
- Pharmacy technician is a career and organizations must support career paths
• There are many benefits to enhancing the role of technicians from service expansion, staff engagement (top of license & certification), turnover reduction, goals achieved
1. Technicians are vital to the medication use process and the practice advancement Initiative (PAI):
Identify your Opportunities & needs
2. Technicians allow cost effective expansion of the pharmacy enterprise:
Identify the roles that will support your needs
3. Be bold and innovative with strategic business plans to support technician positions.
Pharmacy can do more with more!
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