Dots 012: Pharmacy Innovation

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CONNECTOR DOTS - Pharmacy Innovation - Pharmovation Friday

Developing your innovation skill and making it a habit is critical to your success.
Are you an innovator? Are you frustrated by others who should be innovative but they rarely think or act that way?
A well-known innovator of our time is Steve Jobs, but innovation is not restricted to CEOs. It is important at work and useful in daily life as we grow and adapt to change. Individuals and managers need to break from traditional ways of thinking and create and nurture an environment of innovation.
Today during Pharmovation Friday we will explore Pharmacy Innovation
Welcome to CONNECTOR DOTS - brief, candid insights on healthcare, pharmacy and life for connectors and pharmovators.
- What is Innovation?
- Examples of Pharmacy Innovation
○ Services
○ Technology
If you want to learn more about making innovation a habit check out my blog post and you can download some dos and donts to support innovation in your organization.
My program Pharmovation will be available again in January to kick off the new year. I invite you to sign up for updates at
Join me for future LIVE CONNECTOR DOTS - Monday is Mindset Monday.
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