Dots 008: Get the Medicine Right (GTMRx) Blueprint for Change

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Do you believe - "A Personalized, Patient-Centered, Systematic And Coordinated Approach To Medication Use Will Vastly Improve Outcomes And Reduce Overall Health Care Costs." This is the belief of the Get the Medicines Right (GTMRx) Institute.

Welcome to CONNECTOR DOTS - brief, candid insights on healthcare, pharmacy and life for connectors and pharmovators. Today during Pharmovation Friday we will explore the recent recommendations provided by a multidisciplinary group. The GTMRx Blueprint for Change.
I am your host Kimber Boothe and I am a Strategic Pharmacy Coach and Consultant (I am a pharmacist, healthcare leader and entrepreneur). I help pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance pharmacy practice and have joyful engaging careers.
Check out the full report and resources at:
Today I will cover the recommendations in the report highlight four areas of reform:
• How we practice healthcare
• How we pay for healthcare services
• How we use diagnostics
• How we integrate technology
“In providing collaborative drug therapy management (CDTM) on interprofessional care teams, clinical pharmacists apply specific drug therapy knowledge, skills, and experience to complement the care provided by collaborating professionals.”
Join me for future LIVE CONNECTOR DOTS - Monday is Mindset Monday. I have not finalized the specific topic yet, so if there is a mindset topic you want to discuss - send me a message or drop a comment on the post.
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