Dots 034: Connect + Innovate

connector dots
CONNECTOR DOTS - Connect + Innovate - Pharmovation Friday
Are you craving a joyful engaging career?
Are you Experiencing…
· Pain/Burnout in Healthcare
Seeking to find opportunities and hope for change
· Working in Silos
Within pharmacy and across healthcare
· Lack of Resources
Don’t have staff and technology to advance practice and work efficiently
Is this you? These are the reasons I created the CONNECT + INNOVATE PHARMACY SUMMIT: TRANSFORM PATIENT CARE AND YOUR CAREER. I want to invite you to this event occurring tomorrow
Saturday February 13th.
Welcome to CONNECTOR DOTS - brief, candid insights on healthcare, pharmacy, and life for connectors and pharmovators.
I am your host Kimber Boothe and I am a Strategic Pharmacy Coach and Consultant. I am a pharmacist, healthcare leader, and entrepreneur. I help pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance pharmacy practice and have joyful engaging careers.
Key Points
· I know you feel the pains and burnout of the current healthcare environment - but you also see the opportunities and have hope for change.
· CONNECT connect and collaborate across the siloes within pharmacy and across healthcare
· INNOVATE embrace innovations in practice and technology that support practice advancement
· TRANSFORM Patient care and career transformation with joy and engagement
Join me for this FREE Connect + Innovate Pharmacy Summit. Register at:
Let’s Do This!
Be Bold, Be a Connector, Advance Healthcare, and Pharmacy Practice
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