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 Resolution Success • Action Plan

 Happy New Year!

I want to talk today about resolution success.

Have you made a New Year's resolution yet?  Maybe you already broke a New Year's resolution.

We want to talk about making resolutions successful.

Why do people fail  at making resolutions?

  1. Make too many
  2. Deprivation Goal - consider proactive, positive goals instead
  3. No Action Plan or Steps

I believe in Action Plans.

What are they? 

  • A simple list of tasks or subtasks to get to a goal
  • What are the top things I need to do to reach my goal?
  • Breaks a goal into manageable bites
  • Helps you think about and remember what it takes to get to success


Celebrate the successes along the way.


Three Steps to Success

  1. Write it down - Action Plan Steps (consider 3)
  2. Share it - accountability partner
  3. Schedule it 


My 2016 Resolution Success Example

I write annual action plans which are my resolutions.  I try to follow a theme for the year that fits into my longer term plan.

 Last year was about family and our new community as we have just moved back to Connecticut.

My three steps were:

  1. Hosting an open house, invite the neighborhood
  2. Join town clubs and events
  3. Increase frequency of "play dates"


Now it is Your Turn - Share in the Comments:

What is your resolution and what are your 3 action steps?


Leave comments or questions and if there are topics you want to hear about in The Connector Life.


Thank you for joining me on this journey. This sharing through the Connector Life is part of my  2017 resolution. My goal is to put myself out there more to share what I have learned and my passion to develop people.


Be Bold Be a Connector and Excel in all areas of Your Life!

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