Kimber "Speaks"

I give presentations about pharmacy leadership to help pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance practice and accelerate joyful engaging careers.

I am available for small and large audiences on a topic of your needs or you can choose one of my keynote presentations summarized below.

Keynote Talks & Learning Objectives:

Pharmovation: Innovate and Advance Practice from Strategy to Execution


  • Describe innovative pharmacy services and technology and the innovation mindset and techniques to implement in practice.
  • Outline the steps to develop an innovative strategic plan and create business plans to support needed resources.
  • Summarize the key components of strategic plan execution from project plans to dashboard reporting.

Do More with More: Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) through Strategic Business Plans


  • Describe the steps in the journey to justify programs and resources for the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI).
  • Outline the options for return on investment (ROI) from medication cost management to revenue generation.
  • List the components of a comprehensive business plan to support PAI integration.


The Pharmacy Enterprise: Supporting System Quality & Financial Goals


  • Describe forecast trends, market forces, and disruption that impact pharmacy.
  • Explain the scope and benefits of the Pharmacy Enterprise.
  • Describe the C-Suite perspective of the Pharmacy Enterprise.
  • Identify opportunities for pharmacy enterprise components within my organization.


Please view my Speaker Demo page for more information and contact me at [email protected] if you would like to schedule me for a speaking engagement.