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PHARMOVATION: Advocate for Resources, Advance Pharmacy Practice, & Accelerate Your Pharmacy Career



Overcome the Frustration of Health System Pharmacy Chaos


The health system of pharmacy requires innovation...but only pharmacists can initiate these innovations and address the chaos of the Pharmacy system.

Pharmacists need to become the innovators. When pharmacists embrace innovation, they can accelerate their career, advocate and justify additional resources and roles, and advance the Pharmacy practice as a whole.

Pharmacy can do more, with more. And pharmacists have the power to advocate for more, and advance the Pharmacy system, with more.

Strategic Pharmacy Coach & Consultant Kimber Boothe, PharmD, MHA, will show you how in her roadmap to strategic, disruptive innovation and business practices.

Advocate, Advance, and Accelerate by transitioning from a pharmacist to a Pharmovator!



  • Pharmovation Implementation Guide Portal with downloadable tools and templates 
  • Masterclass – Live Training with Q&A 


Defeat overwhelm & burnout through mindset and the addition of much-needed resources.


Advance Pharmacy practice through innovative strategies and planning.


Demonstrate the leadership & innovation that put you on the fast track.

Do you want more as a pharmacist?

To help more patients and have a bigger career? 

The Pharmacy Health System is chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are so many unmet medication related needs, and pharmacy is proven to support the quadruple aim of Quality, Patient Experience, Cost, and provider Engagement.

But Pharmacy must be be innovative and bold to advocate for resources, accelerate our careers, and advance pharmacy practice.

Only when we do this can Pharmacists overcome the chaos within the Pharmacy system, and do more for themselves, and their patients.

Pharmacy + Innovation = Pharmovation


Pharmovation is the solution for pharmacists to overcome the frustrations of the chaotic pharmacy industry. Through innovation and inspired leadership, pharmacy can meet the unaddressed needs of thousands of patients — and that innovation starts with pharmacists.

What would your career look like if:  

➡ You had the resources you needed?

➡ You didn't have to justify your value?

➡ You didn't have to deal with shortages, burnout, and being asked to do more with less? 


Through Pharmovation, you'll learn how to become a pharmacy 'intra-preneur' and justify the resources and roles that you need. From embracing an innovative and enterprising mindset, to taking the steps to analyze and strategize innovation solutions, Pharmovation will show you how to:

✔  ACCELERATE Your Pharmacy Career 

✔  ADVOCATE for resources 

✔  ADVANCE Pharmacy Practice

✔ Transform your working environment & Pharmacy career


Every pharmacist has the power not only to advance their own Pharmacy career and practice, but the industry as a whole.

In nine chapters of innovative case examples, research, and downloadable resources and guides, Pharmovation is the pharmacists' guide to advancing the pharmacy practice and increase the influence of pharmacists as a whole for the betterment of patients and the health system as a whole.

The Pharmacy industry can do more with more! Included in Pharmovation are over a dozen worksheets, templates, and resources for you to become the Pharmovator the Pharmacy industry needs. 


The chapters themselves are ordered in such a way to support your development. While you’re free to skip around and read in whatever order you please, there is a method to the madness. In the first half of the book, we’ll explore ways to innovate practice by taking an in-depth look at opportunity, enterprise, strategy, services, and technology. Later on, you’ll be stretched to innovate yourself through leadership, development, and ultimately, the execution of all the knowledge you’ve acquired.

Briefly, each chapter will help you achieve a specific objective.

• Mindset: Learn the importance of mindset to your success and how to incorporate it in your Pharmovation journey.

• Opportunity: Understand why staying aware of the bigger picture is vital. Realize that there is a huge need for pharmacists.

• Enterprise: Capitalize on the value of the integration and reach of the pharmacy enterprise.

• Strategy: Know how to justify resources for both small and large needs.

• Services: Be excited about the needs and opportunities for pharmacists and technicians to be accountable and innovative with their roles.

• Technology: Be empowered to justify new technology to meet the needs of both you and your patients.

• Leadership: Practice increased leadership and accountability regardless of your level in the organization.

• Development: Take ownership of your career and encourage leadership growth by completing a 2-year development plan.

• Execution: Be confident and able to realize the tools in this book by integrating learning into practice. 




This supplemental guide with downloadable tools and videos will support your rapid implementation and execution of the book learnings. Previews of the downloads are within the respective chapters and the tools include:
• Mindset Worksheet

• Pharmacy Enterprise Evaluation Worksheet

• Situational Analysis Worksheet

• Strategic Plan Worksheet

• Business Plan Worksheet

• Service Planning Worksheet

• Scorecard Worksheet

• Services Business Plan Case Study

• Technology Assessment Framework & Worksheet

• Technology Business Plan Case Study

• Competency Self-Assessment Worksheet

• New Leader Assimilation Worksheet

• Continuous Professional Development Plan Worksheet

• Career Planning Worksheet

"Pharmovation is exactly what I needed and would recommend for every leader or aspiring leader in pharmacy!"

"Kimber Boothe is just as inspiring in this book as she is in person. She is a pharmacy leader with enormous energy, boundless vision and true passion. This practical guide replete with templates and detailed step-by-step instructions is a must-have for every pharmacy leader’s office. It distills Dr. Boothe’s strategies into formulas that can be applied to a wide range of pharmacy settings. New and experienced leaders alike will find valuable tools that will help them bring their team’s practice to the next level. Key to accomplishing big goals are having the right resources, and this book is the best reference available to help leaders justify resources successfully."

Amber Zaniewski, PharmD, BCPS

Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services, Yale New Haven Health

"..thoroughly enjoyable read that immediately inspires you to take action now"

"Kimber’s book engages you from the start. It is compelling and it succinctly articulates the importance of intrapreneurship in pharmacy. Pharmovation: Advocate for Resources, Advance Pharmacy Practice, & Accelerate Your Pharmacy Career is a thoroughly enjoyable read that immediately inspires you to “take action now” to facilitate innovation within your organization. This book is logical, practical, and a must-have for anyone in pharmacy who wants to transform pharmacy practice. Having worked in this field for many years, and having read numerous books on pharmacy, I give this book my highest recommendation! I believe it will become a powerful and useful tool within the pharmacy profession and will help guide those wanting to develop a more rewarding career."

Michelle Blakely, Ph.D., M.Ed., NCC

Assistant Professor at University of Wyoming

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About the Author:

Kimber Boothe

Dr. Kimber Boothe, PharmD, MHA is a pharmacist, healthcare leader, and entrepreneur with decades of experience in Health Systems and the pharmaceutical industry.  She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy and Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, University of Phoenix Masters in Health Administration program, and completed residency training at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia Hospitals.

Kimber is the founder and CEO of the Kimber Boothe Group where she provides coaching, consulting, courses, and speaking on strategic pharmacy leadership. She calls herself a connector and a pharmovator.  Kimber previously led the pharmacy services for a four hospital community health system where she is drove innovative strategy for the pharmacy enterprise as System Director of Pharmacy. She was also the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at Yale New Haven Health.  She is passionate about spending time on the right things to develop others and deliver strategic, focused results. Her motto is Pharmacy Can do More with More and her goal is to support the addition of 100 new health system pharmacy positions annually.

She is past chair of the Kentucky Society of Health System Pharmacists (KSHP) House of Delegates. Her prior organization has been recognized with the KSHP Innovative Health-System Pharmacy Practice Award and she is the recipient of the Connecticut Society of Health System Pharmacists Meritorious Achievement Award.  



  • Pharmovation Implementation Guide Portal with downloadable tools and templates 
  • Masterclass – Live Training with Q&A