Continuous Professional Development Plan BOOTCAMP

Dedicate 3 hours to develop a clear plan to hit your professional goals.


Are you frustrated with your career path?

Lack of support

Your employer lacks support for your professional growth and development  


You feel disconnected from your current path and your envisioned future.   

Limited Resources 

You struggle to dedicate enough time and energy to develop a solid plan despite your aspirations.  

Is this you?

You are in the right place...

Regardless of your reason, let me support you with creating a professional development plan during the Continuous Professional Development Bootcamp.

Take control of your career.

Here's what you can expect during this bootcamp.

The Continuous Professional Development Bootcamp is PERFECT for you if…

  • You’re frustrated that your employer isn't supporting your growth and development. 

  • You feel out of alignment with where you are and where you thought you would be in your career.  

  • You have career aspirations, but you don’t have the time or energy to think about developing a plan to get there. 

  • You’re at the highest level that your education can get you and going back to school isn’t feasible right now.  

  • You feel like you are losing yourself in all of the roles you play – professional, spouse, parent, friend, sibling, etc. And wonder if you will ever have a connected life.

I feel you.  

Because I was there.  

My employer just couldn’t understand my desire for growth and development. I wanted more from my career but didn’t feel supported. And between being a professional, a wife, a mother, I was losing myself. 

You need a plan.  

This is exactly what we are addressing in the Continuous Professional Development Bootcamp.  

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Continuous Professional Development Plan (CPD)



  • 3 hour live session
  • Career Development Plan 
  • BONUS: Professional Development Plan Minicourse and Templates

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Ashley Taylor, PharmD 

“Every time I join your Bootcamps, it makes me reflect and look at what I have done and what I need to do. 

I don't think about these things until I'm in a setting like this.”

Angela Cassano, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP

"Kimber has been innovative in how she has achieved excellence and encouraging in how she lifts those around her to the same level. 

Her gift of leading by example is unmatched as she strives to build each team member, colleague, and client into the best version of themselves"

Irene Croswell, PharmD

"This event was incredibly helpful. Thank you for your effort in planning it and for opening up your life to us. Kimber, you're truly a bridge builder and connector."

If you are ready to Dream Big and Achieve Your Goals so that You Reach Your Destiny...  

Let's Do This!

Your Host & Guide


Dr. Kimber Boothe, PharmD, MHA is a pharmacist, healthcare leader, and entrepreneur with decades of experience in health systems and the pharmaceutical industry.

Kimber is the founder and CEO of the Kimber Boothe Group where she provides coaching, consulting, courses, and speaking on:

  • strategic pharmacy leadership
  • career development & intrapreneurship
  • business & entrepreneurship

Kimber previously led the pharmacy services for a four hospital community health system where she is drove innovative strategy for the pharmacy enterprise as System Director of Pharmacy. She was also the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at Yale New Haven Health.

She is passionate about spending time on the right things to develop others and deliver strategic, focused results by living her values of Lead, Inspire, Value, and Excel. 

Her motto is Pharmacy Can do More with More and her goal is to support the addition of 100 new health system pharmacy positions annually.  

If there is anything holding you back from an easy yes, send me a message so we can chat. [email protected]

Get Your Bootcamp Access

Continuous Professional Development Plan (CPD)



  • 3 hour live session
  • Career Development Plan 
  • BONUS: Professional Development Plan Minicourse and Templates

*Limited time replay available. 

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