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I help pharmacists strategically advocate for roles and resources to advance practice and accelerate joyful engaging careers.


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I've been building pharmacy teams, advocating for resources, and supporting career development since I became a pharmacist.  I firmly believe that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are underutilized and we can achieve the triple aim with more pharmacy resources. We can improve quality, the patient experience, and ultimately reduce costs.

I know what it takes to justify positions, personal resources and capital facility and technology investments.

You deserve this and our patients deserve this from us.

Let's do this!  We can do more with more!

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A little more about me...

Kimber Boothe is a pharmacist, healthcare leader, and entrepreneur. Her diverse background includes patient care as a clinical pharmacist and leadership roles in healthsystems, the pharma industry, and academia. She is currently the system director of pharmacy at a 4 hospital health system and is founder and CEO of the Kimber Boothe Group where she provides coaching, consulting, courses, and speaking. She calls herself a connector and a pharmovator. She is passionate about spending time on the right things to develop others and deliver strategic, focused results.


The  Connector Life Blog

Innovation ● Strategy ● Career Development for Pharmacy and Healthcare

The Connector Life is a podcast to inspire innovation, strategy and career development in pharmacy and healthcare.  

Pharmovators advance innovative pharmacy leadership to expand roles and resources to solve medication use challenges, and provide engaging careers for pharmacists and technicians. Connectors are experts at connecting and uniting people, knowledge, and resources and their success stems from bringing a level of energy and clarity for themselves and others.


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Pharmacy + Innovation = Pharmovation 

Accelerate Your Career, Advocate for Resources, Advance Practice

Do you want more as a pharmacist - help more patients and have a bigger career? Pharmacists are the answer to the triple aim to improve quality, patient experience, and control costs through optimal medication use. Learn how to be successful in your career and justify additional resources and roles. Be Bold and Accountable - Pharmacy Can Do More with MoreTM!  Become a Pharmovator®  today!


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Get a recurring source of career development, personal development, and strategic coaching.  Want one on one time to go deeper? 1:1 Connector coaching sessions to set you on the path to excellence as a connector and pharmovator.  Get with clear direction and confidence for any stage of your career or strategic advocacy path.

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